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Sperm Success Strategy

The Definitive Guide to Transforming Your Fertility and Paving Your Clear Path to Fatherhood


Unlock Your Path to Fatherhood Now! 


What you'll get:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Fertility and TCM

  • Module 2: TCM Dietary Principles for Enhancing Male Fertility

  • Module 3: Herbs and Acupressure in TCM for Male Fertility

  • Module 4: Lifestyle, Emotions, and Male Fertility in TCM

  • Module 5: Sperm Specifics - Western Perspectives

  • Module 6: TCM Differential Diagnosis for Male Factor Fertility

  • Module 7: Conscious Coupling and Emotional Readiness

  • Module 8: Comprehensive Male Fertility Enhancement Plan



What People Are Saying:

When I came to Dr. Hoehn, I had no answers for my unexplained fertility. With her Traditional Chinese Medicine protocols, I have been able to conceive my baby boy. I am due in 3 months!


Working with Dr. Hoehn has been the BEST decision I ever made. She helped me achieve regular periods - first time in 3 years. My husband has less stress. We finally feel ready to conceive. Because of Dr. Hoehn, we are in great health and got down to what was causing our miscarriages.