Introducing "The Sperm Success Strategy: From Basics to Baby"   

The Definitive Guide to Transforming Your Fertility and Paving  Your clear Path to Fatherhood


Stuck in the Cycle of Hope and Heartbreak on the Road to Fatherhood?

You've got the vision board, the baby names, and a hidden stash of dad jokes. You're more than ready to step into the role of a lifetime. Yet, despite the commitment, the lifestyle changes, and the endless consultations, each passing month delivers a blow to your dreams and ego.

You've done the awkward doctor visits, swallowed a myriad of health supplements, and bared your soul (and more) in tests and labs. You're not just waiting; you're stuck. Frozen in a never-ending cycle of hope and disappointment. And the worst part? Feeling like you're letting down your partner along the way.



Enough Is Enough. Transform from Helpless to Heroic in Your Quest for Fatherhood—Because You're Not Just a Spectator, You're a Key Player.


Ready to Say Goodbye to Frustration and Hello to Fatherhood?

You're not alone in this journey, and you don't have to rely on luck or vague advice. With "The Sperm Success Strategy: From Basics to Baby," you're equipping yourself with proven, science-backed strategies to maximize your fertility and set the stage for a successful conception. You owe it to yourself and your partner to step up and take control.


Do You Struggle With...

Low Sperm Count: Wondering if your numbers are stacking the odds against you?

☑️ Poor Sperm Quality: Afraid that poor morphology and motility are becoming roadblocks to conception?

☑️ Stress and Anxiety: Concerned that mental and emotional strains are affecting your reproductive health?

☑️ Lifestyle Challenges: Struggling to make the right lifestyle choices amidst the clutter of conflicting advice?

☑️ Unreliable Information: Overwhelmed by the sea of fertility "hacks" and myths, unsure what to trust?

☑️ Partner's Disappointment: Feeling the weight of expectations and the shared dream of starting a family?

☑️ Financial Drain: Burnt out by costly treatments and tests that promise a lot but deliver little?

☑️ Cultivate a healthier lifestyle that not only boosts your fertility but also enhances your overall well-being?

☑️ Create a conducive environment for conception by reducing stress and promoting physical and mental harmony?

☑️ Feel excited and hopeful about your fertility journey, rather than overwhelmed and anxious?

It's Not Your Fault...

Hey, let's pause for a moment here. If you've been grappling with any of these challenges, know that it's not your fault. The path to fatherhood is a journey often clouded by misinformation, conflicting advice, and so-called "quick fixes" that do more harm than good. It's an industry that sometimes preys on your dreams and vulnerabilities, leaving you frustrated and disheartened.

It's easy to feel like you're swimming against the tide in an ocean of misconceptions and false promises. But here's the good news: You have the power to change the narrative, to turn uncertainty into action, and hope into certainty.


What If You Could...

  • Boost Your Sperm Count: Multiply your chances by increasing the number of healthy sperm vying for that ultimate prize—the union with an egg.

  • Enhance Sperm Quality: Turn the odds in your favor by improving sperm motility and morphology, crucial factors in successful conception.

  • Lower Stress Levels: Tap into proven methods to lower anxiety and stress, creating a more hospitable environment for sperm production and conception.

  • Make Informed Lifestyle Choices: Navigate through a cluttered space of advice to adopt only those lifestyle changes that truly make a difference.

  • Build Emotional Resilience: Stand tall against the emotional rollercoaster that trying to conceive often becomes.

  • Strengthen Your Relationship: Use this journey as an opportunity to bond closer with your partner, turning shared challenges into shared victories.

  • Save Time and Money: Skip the expensive, unproven treatments and invest in a course backed by science and practical wisdom.

  • Step Into Fatherhood Confidently: Walk into this new chapter of your life knowing you've done everything within your power to make it happen.


The Sperm Success Strategy: From Basics to Baby Is The Surefire Way To...

  1. Regain Control of Your Fertility Journey
Stop feeling like a bystander in your own life. This course equips you with actionable steps and scientific insights that put you back in the driver's seat. No more waiting, no more wondering—just a clear path to optimized sperm health and improved fertility.
  1. Empower Your Legacy
Think beyond the immediate goal of conception. By boosting your sperm health, you're investing in the quality of your legacy. Pass on the best of you, knowing you've maximized your biological potential.
  1. Strengthen Your Partnership and Emotional Resilience
Your fertility journey isn't a solo expedition; it's a partnership. This course not only equips you with the tools to improve sperm health but also guides you in being a supportive partner. Plus, develop emotional resilience to weather the ups and downs of the conception journey, enriching your relationship along the way.


  • Module 1: Introduction to Fertility and TCM
  • Module 2: TCM Dietary Principles for Enhancing Male Fertility
  • Module 3: Herbs and Acupressure in TCM for Male Fertility
  • Module 4: Lifestyle, Emotions, and Male Fertility in TCM
  • Module 5: Sperm Specifics - Western Perspectives
  • Module 6: TCM Differential Diagnosis for Male Factor Fertility
  • Module 7: Conscious Coupling and Emotional Readiness
  • Module 8: Comprehensive Male Fertility Enhancement Plan

Here's What You're Going To Get...


Nice To Meet You! 

Dr. Hoehn is a Los Angeles-based board-certified acupuncturist who treats pain, digestive disorders, stress, and hormonal imbalances, and specializes in supporting women’s wellness and fertility.

Dr. Hoehn received a master’s degree with honors from Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine and her doctorate in fertility acupuncture from Pacific College of Health Sciences. She is board-certified both nationally and in the state of California. In addition, Dr. Hoehn is also an active member of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM).  Through ABORM, she pursued additional specialized training in reproductive health and fertility acupuncture and holds the distinction of being an ABORM fellow.



Enhanced Egg Quality

Equip yourself with the tools to naturally boost your egg's health, enhancing your fertility.

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

The holistic approach of TCM not only focuses on physical health but also mental well-being. 

Increased Chance of Conception

By improving egg quality and aligning with holistic principles, your chances of conception rise. 

Holistic Health Uplift

TCM principles promote overall health, leading to better energy, sleep, and emotional balance. 

Confidence & Empowerment

Navigate your fertility journey with newfound knowledge and optimism. 

Stronger Connection to Your Body

Understand and listen to your body's signals more effectively. 

Natural, Non-invasive Techniques

Embrace a path that aligns with nature, minimizing potential side effects of aggressive treatments. 

Sense of Community

Being part of a group that understands and supports your journey diminishes feelings of isolation. 

Informed Decision Making

With a deeper understanding of your body, make choices about your fertility journey with clarity. 

Lasting Knowledge

The skills and insights gained will serve you not just in fertility but in lifelong health and well-being.


What Clients Are Saying...


Harness the ancient wisdom of TCM, the power of Qi, and modern insights to navigate your path to motherhood.

Your journey, enlightened.

Turn Hope into Reality: Boost Your Egg Quality Now!

Let's Get One Thing Straight...

You're Not Alone, and You're Not Without Options.

If you've found yourself here, you've probably navigated a minefield of information, advice, and maybe even some false promises. You may be thinking.

"I've tried everything. Why would this work?"

This isn't a "one-size-fits-all" solution but a comprehensive guide based on both Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It's about providing you with a rounded perspective that you can adapt to your personal journey.

"I'm not familiar with TCM; how can it help me?"

TCM has been around for thousands of years and offers a different but complementary approach to Western medicine. This course decodes its complexities into simple, actionable steps.

"Can a course really replace medical advice?"

This course is designed to supplement, not replace, medical advice. It's about empowering you with knowledge and options that you can discuss with healthcare providers, enriching your treatment plan.

"Is this worth the investment?"

When it comes to the journey to parenthood, reliable information is priceless. This course offers researched, practical steps for a fraction of the cost of continuous consultations, tests, or treatments that might not even address your specific needs.

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